The University of Drum & Bass is a short documentary about a collective of university students who're turning their passion for the genre into a creative pursuit. The documentary is based in Dunedin where the youthful scene has exploded in recent years (despite backlash from Otago), in part due to the people featured in this story. Drum & Bass music has become a mainstay of the university party scene and is strongly associated with a very particular and very fun culture. This story aims to document an important aspect of New Zealand's contemporary youth culture and encourage young people to pursue their passions. The short documentary is being released exclusively via Re: News (TVNZ) on 20 November 2018. This production saw myself and co-creator Ryan Wilkes based in and around Castle Street over two very sendy weekends through Winter months! It then saw us locked in the editing cave for many many late nights turning the endless hours of video and audio into this story. We're exceptionally proud of how the production has shaped up and believe it will connect with those who have, are and will live on New Zealand's most infamous party street. 
Watch - 'The University of Drum & Bass'

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