Bouldering is a unique discipline within the climbing spectrum. It's often done relatively low to the ground and free of ropes. The challenge of bouldering is to angle and position yourself on the rock in a way that allows you to still utilise upward climbing power. How? You search for small 'holds' and cracks in the surface of the rock to leverage yourself off and onto. The Boulders of Hampi are made out of Granite, grippy and strong, a climbers dream. Hampi is world renowned because of the share amount of climbing available in the area, this in turn also means there are fewer people per rock which limits the amount the rock gets 'polished' (the process by which the rock becomes smooth over time and harder to climb). 
Ollie making it to the top. Getting to the top demands a few key things from the climber. Resilient hands, a nimble body, some friends to spot you (catch you if you fall) and a determined mind set.
While Bouldering is solo in nature, there always seemed to be others looking out for each other.
Climbing is one of those unfortunate sports where the tighter the shoe, the better. A little discomfort is inevitable as Lou knows all too well!
I'm grateful to the crew that took me out and showed me the ropes, it's a vibe.

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