Pride by Cliff Edge Wines is a sub-label I created explicitly for the Cliff Edge Wines 2011 vintage. The wine is a high quality, handcrafted, Bordeaux blend aged in Oak barrels for 12 months before being bottled. Pride is a pro-environmental wine label. Two innovative labels (The Coastal and The Alpine) have been designed to display the key elements of the two charities Pride has formed a working relationship with. The idea behind Pride is to challenge how business and the environment interact, to inspire people to take pride in how they consume and how that will affect their greater environment. The core impetus behind Pride is to; bring to market the highest quality product, raise awareness of partnering charities/environmental groups & donate a portion of all profits to those charities as we operate. We firmly believe that through operating and changing the composition of the business bottom line, we can increase the overall well-being of New Zealand's environment and society while minimising the impact of any negative externalities created by our business activities. Have fun and take pride in what you're drinking!
For all things Pride and Cliff Edge Wines related and updates on the limited labels progress please see the Facebook page here (now known as Pride Conservation).
To see the Cliff Edge Wines website, please see here.
Cleaning up some trash from the beautiful Waitematā with our The Coastal label partner charity SEA CLEANERS.

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