I still find it hard to believe I'm even writing this update. It's gotten to the point now where my teammates and I have thought about this project just about every minute, of every day for the last year. Nothing is going to seem real until we get on that plane to the African Continent! 

We've come a long way since this whole project was just an idea and last time I checked, we're only two months away from leaving. So what's the progress update? Well, we've learnt many things. It's been a challenge, a pretty awesome one at that. Fundraising money publicly and openly can be tricky! You have to ensure your message and process is transparent. What's epic about Wings of Kilimanjaro (WOK) is that 100% of the donation goes toward the charity, unlike so many events which tax administrative fees. I've gained a perspective for the charitable fundraising industry - it's a big job and it's one of the most competitive capital markets on the globe. Certainly harder than a standard 'job' or exchange of value. To put it simply, in pure fundraising, you may work hard for many hours and see no return. 

Challenge as we know though, is fantastic for other vital reasons. It forces us to think critically, try and experiment things. Hello, innovation and creativity. We've brainstormed and come up with a vast array of solutions to a wide variety of new challenges. From tandem paragliding prizes, community partnerships, events and business donations, we're inching towards our openly ambitious plan of USD 25,000 for Emboreet Primary School. 

I've never been good at asking. I can't help but feeling like I'm being a drag on some else's time. It's quite illogical though because I think about if people ask me for help and I enjoy helping. In the past, when I've needed money to do something I wanted to do in conservation I'd fundraise with a small enterprise. The limited wine & shirt campaigns created real results in what we were able to give back - we've even been asked to name a kea! There is an obvious take away from this, I need to create another small venture to help fundraise for our charity fund. Maybe. Time is ticking though! 

It's sometimes hard to balance all this. It can take a toll on the mind, but then I just remind myself how much of a privilege it is to do this hard work and try to execute it. It brings back my focus, which, due to the constant consideration of societies expectations often fades. 

I'm not sure how this is going to work out. Simple as that! That statement has no positive or negative connotations attached to it; it is merely unknown!  The key here is getting comfortable with that very real discomfort of imminent failure and not to let that affect your mindset. We're all so hopeful that if we keep trying right until we're on the plane to Kili, we may have a shot at reaching our committed fundraising goal. 

Then we have the mountain to climb and fly off... This whole journey has reminded me of the reality that life is just a series of climbs. Which also reminds me of why it is vital to go climb physical mountains as much as you can. It helps to train you for climbing the mental ones we face most days!

Thanks for reading.

For more information and donations head to www.flytheroof.com

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