Two amateur filmmakers and die-hard creatives from opposite sides of the world that both take inspiration from cultures unlike their own came together in 2019 to chase a story through the sandy streets of India. The pair met in Hampi in 2018 and found themselves returning a year later, together, with their sights set on producing a film. Their visions were to produce a film about a set of young individuals that sell Chai to tourists high up on the rocky backdrop of Hampi. However, they found themselves there in low season, with no Chai boys around, no tourists in sight and the once-bustling and hectic streets absolutely silent.
'Chai, The Film That Never Got Made' (Short Film), is a story about persistence, adaptation, and beauty. It shows that sometimes the things that don’t go to plan, don’t for a reason - to open the mind to bigger, more awakening, more inspirational moments.